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Welcome to the homepage of the Meeting of Young Researchers in the Earth Sciences (MYRES) conference series and community building initiative (updated on 01/16/06).

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In June 2005, the MYRES community decided to support "Dynamics of the lithosphere and plate boundaries" by Laurent Montesi and Giulio Di Toro. Laurent will be leading the new team and efforts to obtain funding for MYRES-II. Please note that not all links have been updated accodingly.


MYRES is an educational and community building effort to foster open, unbiased, interdisciplinary, and international collaboration between researchers in the Earth Sciences. The main component of MYRES are biennial four day workshops targeted at the younger (pre-tenure) members of the community with focus on solid Earth Sciences (geochemistry, geodynamics, geology, geophysics, mineralogy, petrology, seismology, rock physics). These workshops consist of peer-reviewed, comprehensive tutorials and focused discussion with the goal to bring specialists together to educate each other about constraints and possible solution strategies for an interdisciplinary research problem. Follow this link to learn more about the MYRES-I workshop in August 2004.

You can also read the MYRES manifesto and the MYRES-I writeup, both have been pubslished in EOS Trans. AGU.

The core team working on the MYRES efforts is the steering committee which consists of Thorsten Becker (USC), Magali Billen (UC Davis), James Kellogg (UCLA), Jeanne Hardebeck (USGS Menlo Park), Cin-Ty Lee (Rice), Laurent Montesi (WHOI), Wendy Panero (U Michigan), Frederik Simons (UC London), and Shijie Zhong (U Boulder).

Our proposal requested initial funding for two conference cycles, and funding for one meeting was approved by the National Science Foundation in late 2003. Additional travel support for MYRES-I was granted by the European Science Foundation. Our proposal greatly benefited from the feedback from several junior and senior members of the community on an earlier version of this document, and discussions during the May 2003 CIDER workshop in Pt. Reyes, CA, as well as the June 2003 Gordon Meeting on the Interior of the Earth.


We encourage you to join our effort, check out what happened at the MYRES-I meeting, and give us feedback on the meeting format and the workshop programs as outlined in the NSF proposal (also available in draft version as HTML), and on the MYRES-I workshop site. To get in touch with us, sign up on our mailing list, or to volunteer to contribute to this community effort please send an email to

Documents on MYRES and MYRES-I:

All documents are constantly being updated, check back frequently for updates.


MYRES is funded through the National Science Foundation and the European Science Foundation.

Main page | MYRES-I | Manifesto | MYRES-I writeup | Resources | Contacts | FAQs

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