iGMT: Interactive Mapping of Geoscientific Datasets

iGMT Version History

USC Geodynamics Earth Science Computing Environment

The USC Geodynamics Earth Science Computing Environment (UGESCE) includes a recent version of iGMT, GMT, as well as other scientific software and data preinstalled.

Stable release: iGMT version 1.2

The current source code of iGMT is stable and development is frozen. The last changes to our distribution, igmt_v1.2-20140907.tgz, are indicated by the -something string, "-20080724" meaning changes made on July 24, 2008. If you previously downloaded iGMT 1.2, please also check the known bugs list. Fixes to those problems have been included in the most recent version as listed above.

Our To Do List of future enhancements to iGMT 1.2 (which may not ever happen):

Implemented improvements from version 1.1 that are in 1.2 include:


Old release: iGMT version 1.1

igmt_v1.1.tar.gz, approx. 2.2MB.
Consider using the developer version of iGMT (1.2), since it has many new features and is stable.

Changes from version 1.0 to 1.1


Older release: iGMT version 1.0

igmt_v1.0.tar.gz, approx. 1.7MB.
Version 1.0 was released as the official version on October 02, 1998. Known bugs of iGMT1.0 can be found in the bug list.

Changes from version 0.5 to version 1.0 beta

Legacy: iGMT version 0.5

igmt_v0.5.tar.gz, approx. 1.9 MB.
The first official release of iGMT was version 0.5 of 05/25/98. iGMT was also formerly known as (A)GIS but was renamed to avoid confusion with GIS systems. This version is identical to the final and last version of (A)GIS. The old manual can be downloaded as manual_v0.5.ps.gz or manual_v0.5.pdf.gz.

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