iGMT: Interactive Mapping of Geoscientific Datasets


The iGMT documentation includes a description of the software dealing with installation and its usage, presents some simple example maps, and lists references to the datasets iGMT can process and the sources iGMT is based upon. (You might also want to refer to the iGMT project's Earth Science dataset collection and our notes on cross-platform compatibility.) A postscript version of this document comes with the full iGMT package. Alternatively, the manual can be downloaded in various formats below. Don't expect fancy prose or that every small detail is up to date. This is especially true for the manual of iGMT version 1.2.

Please also note that these web pages are by now somewhat outdated and are not constantly updated. However, UGESCE is:

USC Geodynamics Earth Science Computing Environment

The USC Geodynamics Earth Science Computing Environment (UGESCE) includes a recent version of iGMT, GMT, as well as other scientific software and data preinstalled. No installations besides loading the VirtualBox machine required.

Quick start and installation instructions

  1. Make sure you have a working version of Unix, Tcl/Tk, and GMT; this should be fine on most Linux like systems, and on OS-X once GMT is installed via fink. Particularly, every user will have to have $GMTHOME set properly (see the GMT documentation)
  2. Install the iGMT tcl source code and smaller datasets into some directory, say
    , by typing
    cd /usr/local/src/
    gunzip -c igmt_v1.2-20051208.tar.gz | tar xv 
    cd igmt_1.2
    where the last step should make sure that the main paths are set properly.
  3. If you want a shortcut to install all the geophysical data we list on 300MB big gzipped tar file from here Remember that we are providing this collection only for your convenience, that all copyrights remain with the original authors, and the obligation to properly cite lies with you. If you decide this package, put the tar file to some shared directory, say
    , it will expand into subdirectories that hold most of the data that is listed below.

iGMT manual

Also see the makecpt colorschemes comparison chart (PDF) for the colorschemes that come with GMT's makecpt.

Short notes on cross-platform compatibility

In addition, you might wish to refer to the article in EOS Transactions or T. W. Becker's December 2012 presentation on iGMT at USC.

iGMT Home

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