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Compatibility issues: Porting iGMT to OS X and Windows

Since iGMT is based on Tcl/Tk and other open source software, porting the program to different hardware platforms (workstation, PC, Mac, Palm Pilot) should be easy. In principle. The reality is more like: Use it on UNIX, doesn't matter what flavor. (The same is actually more or less true for GMT, by the way.)

Apple OS X

Yes, iGMT works on OS X. We are told that iGMT works fine with the Tcl/Tk package that comes with Alpha, for example. People generally seem to able to set up iGMT following the instructions we provide with the distribution, while starting iGMT from an xterm appears to be better than calling it from a regular terminal. Here's a brief email from one of our users that describes installation on Mac OSX.
This nice PDF screenshot was contributed by Richard O'Connell and shows iGMT running on a TiBook using OS X 10.2.3 and Apple's X11 (Orobor OSX works too). No, we haven't set iGMT up under fink or some other automatic installer yet, sorry. Any volunteers?


Please see our notes on Microsoft Windows page.

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