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Computing and geophysics resources (as of 03/2012)

Computing facility

  • USC Geodynamics (Becker group) computing facility
    • 60 dual, quad-core cluster condo on HPCC, commissioned 2008.
    • 8 node, dual 24-core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6176 cluster condo on HPCC, commissioned 2012
    • 36 dual node 3.2GHz Xeon Linux cluster, commissioned 2004.
    • ~15 high-end Linux workstations, plus computing environment (Matlab, Mathematica, PGI and Intel compilers, etc.)
  • USC Geophysics computing facility
    • 80 dual node, 2.2 GHz AMD Opteron Linux cluster, commissioned 2006
    • 8 Large shared memory, dual/quad duo-core AMD Opteron with 32-48GB
    • 20 TB disk storage
  • USC Earth sciences teaching computer lab
    • 20 high end PCs
    • Matlab, GIS, EarthVision, and other software.
    • various PCs, Macs, plotters, scanners, and printers
  • campus wide
    • USC High Performance Computing Center with a Linux cluster with ~15,000 CPUs. This machines was the 7th fastest in the United States in 2009, and among all supercomputers in the world, it is ranked 76st.

Geophysics and geodesy instrument Pool

Profs. Miller and Becker maintain a geophysics and geodesy instrument pool for research and teaching purposes, such as the GEOL440 field trip.
  • 15 Nanometrics 120PA portable broadband seismometers and Taurus dataloggers
  • Two Trimble real time kinematic (RTK) differential GPS (R7) receivers, plus survey gear
  • Two Trimble 5700 campaign mode GPS units
  • Six Ashtec GPS campaign mode units
  • Geometrics 24 channel Geode seismics system, 24 geophones with 240 m spread
  • Two Geometrics proton procession magnetometers
  • Worden gravimeter

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